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akua naru

founder | executive director

The objective of theKEEPERS is to create healthy, nourishing spaces for girls and womxn on the microphone, the stage, the ground. Our collective insists upon providing the missing resources for claiming our freedom (as if trespassers) in houses our mother's built.

 We are crowdfunding via

to build the FIRST comprehensive digital archive to focus on the artistic work of womxn and girls throughout 5 decades of Hip Hop music & culture. 


We are a global Black womxn-led collective of artists, activists, and scholars. We map, document, archive, and center the vast world of womxn/femme artistry throughout Hip Hop music and culture (& beyond). 

 We do the work and make it available to the public for free.

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our advisors

co-founder Black Voter's Matter | Truth Speaks Consulting, Inc.| Charles Warren Center Fellow 
Harvard University 
LaTosha Brown
Alphonse Fletcher University Professor | Dir. of The Hutchins Center  | Harvard University 
Tricia Rose
Professor of Africana Studies| Dir. of CSREA | Brown University | co-host of The Tightrope Podcast
Professor of Public Philosophy | Harvard Divinity School | co-host of The Tightrope Podcast
Cornel West
Ingrid Monson
Quincy Jones Professor of African American Music | Harvard University
Principal Invesitgtor at Bronx African American History Project | Professor of African American History| Fordham University

theKEEPERS must be supported with all our energy and zest because they preserve great artistic and prophetic women's voices in our rich past and present.

-Dr. Cornel West

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